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  3. If accepted, you will be automatically enrolled. Your credit card will be charged the amount of the first payment for the payment plan you select. You’ll receive notice of your acceptance status within two weeks of submitting your application.

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Questions? We are here for you!

Please see the FAQs page for answers to the most common questions, or reach out to us at

Team Pricing for Small and Large Groups

Are you an entrepreneur, executive, human resources manager or leadership development professional, and you want to enroll your team in the Inner MBA?

Or perhaps you work at a company, and you’re interested in taking the program with your co-workers?

If so, we’d love to connect with you to share more about our special pricing for small, medium and large groups! Please get in touch for more details:

Cancellation Policy

The deposit is fully refundable until September 9, 2022. If you are accepted into the program, you will be automatically enrolled and your card will be charged the amount of the first payment, minus the deposit, according to the payment plan you select in your application. If you are not accepted into the program, your deposit will be refunded in full.

If you are accepted and enrolled in the program and you wish to cancel, you must notify Sounds True in writing prior to September 9, 2022, for a full refund of tuition paid to date, including your deposit. After September 9, 2022, no refunds will be provided.

Mindfulness has significant benefits for the workplace. Research shows that mindfulness leads to innovation and creativity as well as increased health and well-being. The take home: mindfulness can help you be both effective and happy at work.

Shauna Shapiro, PhD

For Employees Who Want Their Company to Pay for This Training

Today’s most innovative CEOs, founders and executives are well aware that training in empathy, mindfulness, compassion, and other tools of consciousness increase productivity, engagement, and the bottom line. Not only do investing in these skills increase each of these metrics of success, they also decrease employee turnover, drama at work, and profit loss due to disengagement.

You can find many studies from reputable sources online to back this up … here are a few that we find compelling:

  • Gallup research shows that most employees are disengaged at work and over half are searching for new jobs.
  • According to Rae Shanahan, the Chief Strategy Officer at Businessolver, disengagement at work costs $600 billion per year in lost productivity in the US alone. Shanahan’s proposed solution is creating a culture of empathy in the workplace. This culture starts with one person taking the lead and learning empathy skills themselves
  • Cultivating mindfulness and compassion can also drive profits forward while mitigating risk. Companies that are incorporating such practices into the workplace for this very reason include Google, Facebook, Target, eBay, Intel, General Mills, and more.
  • Hundreds of scientific studies point to the capacity of mindfulness to decrease stress, illness, and pain (the top reasons people miss work). It also is known to increase positive moods of people at work and the ability people have to connect and cooperate in teams, to focus, and to be efficient and creative.
  • The Harvard Business Review recently published a study on how incorporating mindfulness helps engineers solve problems by increasing “divergent thinking” skills. Divergent thinking skills are not taught in school but are necessary for creativity and innovation in any workplace or enterprise.

When your company invests in you with our Inner MBA training, they are investing in a healthier company and a future where the company stays relevant in a business world that now recognizes the benefits of these inner skills. They are investing in increased profits through decreasing stress, anxiety, conflict, disengagement, and burnout … while increasing creativity, productivity, innovation, and happiness.

With the Inner MBA program, you’ll be learning from the top mindfulness teachers in the world and CEOs who have incorporated compassion and empathy into their multi-million and billion dollar companies. You’ll have an opportunity to practice in groups so that exposure to these skills can lead, in time, to inner mastery.

Questions? We are here for you!

Please see the FAQs page for answers to the most common questions, or reach out to us at


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We are taking the health of all Inner MBA enrollees very seriously. We’ve made a few additional options available in your enrollment process.

If you are uncertain about traveling to the in-person immersion events in September 2020 and April 2021, you may now enroll for the Virtual Only Program, and then upgrade later to the In-Person Immersion Events & Virtual Program if you become more comfortable with travel.

Alternately, if you’d like to enroll in the In-Person Immersion Events & Virtual Program, you can downgrade to the Virtual Only option if you need to due to travel conditions.

To support anyone experiencing financial hardship during this time, we have opened up several more scholarships than we initially planned to, to make sure no student who wants to attend is turned away for financial reasons.