Watch What It Means To Be More True… Navigating Business In The Pandemic

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  • Deirdre Gillespie says:

    This sounds so amazing!

  • Mette says:


  • Susi says:

    Awesome! In every way- Thank you

  • Victoria says:

    So inspiring! Thank you!

  • Mary B says:

    Thank you for being a big part of the cultural, social & Personal transformation needed, as we move forward into our “new” World order!

  • Leonor Peñaranda says:

    Good morning, I need close caption, thank you.

  • Tobin Rothlein says:

    This was fantastic. All MBA programs should teach what inner MBA is teaching. I loved this interview.

  • michaela walsh says:

    such a clear and warm and articulate expression of similar values and feelings from another founder. I still have lots to learn. thank you.

  • Deb M says:

    Thank you – listening to this has set a beautiful tone for my Saturday.

  • Diane says:

    Wonderful interview by THE best interviewer, Tami, who always makes it about the other with THE most relevant questions and comments, with a business woman, Eileen, who already has in place THE most sustainable for the planet and, employee -owner model of business, honestly dealing with the uncertainty of our times by making hard choices and seeing the opportunity to do even better……I had a big smile on my face through out the interview!!!

  • Linda says:

    I am so inspired by the vision that Eileen holds for her business and for herself. I shop in her Irvington store and I feel this intension each time I visit. It no only Sounds True it is true. She brings so much hope to me for the future of our planet. A small but mighty step – a voice of leadership for sure – for what we all need to do as a human family.

  • Eunuce says:

    Interview is honest about how producing too much and more producing is measured as progress/success!
    Thank you 🙏🏾

  • Danny says:

    I was led to believe I would get instant access once my email was given and I accepted your requirements. So why am I not seeing the article now.? You have my correct email.

  • Anne says:

    Great conversation – very human –
    Curious – where are clothes manufactured? What’s happening to production ?

  • Risa says:

    15 minutes into this interview, I paused to apply to the innerMBA

  • Sally says:

    Eileen Fisher used to be one of my heroes. The stated purpose of her company was to provide fashionable clothing for older women with natural figures. I wore her clothes when I was in my 50’s and into my 60’s. Then, as she says in this interview, “we lost our way”; they changed their niche market. For the past few years, their clothes have been cut to fit women who are either much younger or don’t possess full figures.

  • Laura says:

    Wow! I have never experienced a conversation that felt so True. Thank you for the inspiration to move into my new business allowing Inner Wisdom to lead the journey.

  • Elise says:

    Amen, Eileen. I so wish we could talk! I founded an apparel company, called éclipse® Glove Apparel, with the motto “Freedom in Simplicity” more than 10 years ago. We cut and sew small batches of carefully designed versatile clothing in Colorado using performance fabric. We encourage a minimalist wardrobe approach that remains stylish and comfy.

  • Elizabeth Terp says:

    Thank you for bringing us this amazing Eileen Fisher who chooses to be so tuned in to navigating openly her vision for a loving world through the dimension of women’s clothing that permeates her business model.

  • Ashnie says:

    Very inspiring. Thank you.

  • Barb says:

    What are the working conditions in the factories? Are salaries of factory workers really living wages?

  • Deborah Marzetta says:

    Wondering if the farmers, factory workers, and retail sales clerks receive a living wage?

  • joe says:

    It would be nice to add captions for deaf people.

  • Sandra Ney says:

    Thank you! This was so inspiring. I am trying to do the very same thing- “Radical Simplicity” with my Children’s Clothing company, Will & Ivey. This has encouraged me to keep moving forward with hope!

  • Jeanne says:

    An inspirational and honest exploration of the ability to see within ourselves and the possibilities for a better future, both personally and for our world . Loved it!

  • Amy says:

    What an affirming conversation! I’m so glad Eileen is on the planet with us all, especially now.

  • Joan says:

    I love how inner reflection along with employee ownership governs Eileen’s business.

  • Ellen says:

    Thank you Eileen and Tami. I could see your joy and excitement when you talk about the fabrics, the people who produce them and the simplicity of design. I too, feel the same way when I feel your fabrics ( I am a fabric feeler) delight in the colors of your fabrics and the wearability and comfort of your designs. When I wear your clothes I feel comfortable in my body and I am so grateful for your vision of sustainability and design. Thank you for this talk and I wish you well.

  • MK says:

    Fascinating. Tami asks the questions I am always dying to know, and her intuitive questions invite insights from subjects and viewers. At about 27:50 – 33:00 Eileen describes her visceral, tactile connection to the vision of the living quality of her company and what it produces that is far beyond recycled, recyclable or even sustainable — it’s regenerative. If our future selves can function from that space, make decisions based on that inner wisdom, we will find our way up off our knees to a truly better world. I’m grateful for this interview.

  • Jacqueline says:

    OH thank you Eileen and Tami! This has been such an honest, clear and inspiring conversation.

  • Kim says:

    Unbelievably inspirational!

  • Grace says:

    Gratitude here for the synchronicity of life, your humble approach to our collective & individual sovereignty with source, and my own path of apparel design having brought me a connection to your artistry. May our confidence and awsome respect for our own power match the limitless Qi we are partnered with, here on this our glorious Mother – Earth.

  • Sara says:

    How beautiful, Loved listening to this talk.

  • Pangea says:

    Wow… Never heard of Eileen Fisher before, but dang… what a girl is she! She is the model of the new world for sure and she probably did not even recognize it to that extent until now and with the help of SoundsTrue. Way cool development. Eileen, you are such a beautiful being…. such great truth you believe and live… LOVE IT!

  • Bonnie J. Shimizu says:

    I’m older than Eileen and not looking for a spot in the what sounds like a very grounded as well as inspiring MBA program that at its foundation is inspired by the Oneness of which we are all a part. I’m just glad that I decided to listen to a conversation between two women who are continuing to grow and teach others about who and what we really are. Thank you.

  • Danielle Malles says:

    Thank you for the conversation and vulnerability you brought to us.

  • Karen says:

    Thank you both. That was great, questions and answers. You’ve reminded of what’s important and how to stay inspired and creative! That ‘s a gift.

  • rebecca says:

    i have been wearing your designs for many years. I thank you for your wisdom and vulnerability in participating in this interview. I also am glad to hear your vision for the future of your company and your designs. Rebecca (nearly 80 years old)

  • Fern says:

    Thank you so much for your inspiring conversation, I love the notion of “getting down on my knees” the most.
    Staying humble sounds true to me. 🙏 🥰☄️

  • Sharon says:

    Thank you I know we receive guidance

  • Gina Shaw says:

    Wow. If big business could hear your message, how wonderful it would be.. Thanks.

  • Susan Andrews says:

    What fun to witness such an alive, sparked, business leader who trusts her intuitions facing retail’s foreboding future. Thank you for providing this interview. Love her clothes line!

  • Kathleen says:

    Eileen Fisher embodies the important qualities of a life well-lived.: humble, caring, lightness, conscious, right thinking, right livelihood, right speech, moderation. She’s very admirable. I think she would be a great friend.

  • Megan says:

    Very impressed with both you as the interviewer Tami and Eileen as CEO. What an inspiration. So good to hear how Eileen’s values are expressed in reality, rather than hollow words. True visionaries. Keep up the amazing work. Thank you.

  • Renee Leff says:

    So interesting, so important! To think, to hope that businesses can actually help the earth.

  • Pat says:

    Thank you Tami for the inspiration, intelligent talks and true you always share!!!

  • Sanchita Pant says:

    Thank you very much to Eileen and Tami. Your talks are very inspiring!!

  • Angelika says:

    Most beautiful talk! Your insights are valuable for generations to come. I have always been wondering why businesses have to grow, why economies have to expand and have never received an answer. You are the first person I hear asking that very quesrion:why, when things are good, as is.
    I am also happy to see that there is a whole different America that we do not get to see in the mainstream media.

    Thank you, both for this wonderful contribution.
    Greetings from Montreal, Canada

  • Paula says:

    Love radical simplicity !!
    How about making more affordable for more people to share your values. Most stuff way too expensive and a lot who can afford may not participate in your vision.

    • jhane says:

      Yes! Love her attitude and managerial meditative style …inner wisdom… Cannot afford her clothes but love her voice

  • Sam Mosher says:

    Sooo enjoy your brilliant energy.. Refreshing..🧚‍♀️

  • susy dyson says:

    i like that ” we’re going to land on our knees”

  • susy dyson says:

    listen to your enthusiasm describing the water the earth the cloth and recycling! so joyful… all of this interview fascinating ( loved Aileen mentioning Peru )

  • Lara says:

    Wonderful, thank you for sharing your story Eileen with us. I identify with her and all the way here in Perú I own a company and this has been great time to stop and transform, re arrange and re connect. We are grateful to have our basic needs covert food, water, health etc. and after having this we can thing on creativity and inspiration. Again thank you! besos

  • Carol Mann says:

    Great insights- “caught in the – TOO MUCH” Environment. The stop is good. A radical change! You continue to inspire with vulnerability and positivity! Thank you for your leadership! 💕

  • Vera says:

    Thank you, Tami, for a wonderful interview and all you do. Eileen is inspiring in how she stays true to her vision and stays connected to her inner self.

  • joan says:

    What a clear, lovely soul, look how kinesthetic she is, reaching inside for her innermost values, how centered and true she is. Very inspiring. Thank you deeply for this connection!

  • Jacqueline Hochstin says:

    So inspiring to reflect on the good that we are called upon now to do in light of this time of suffering. It becomes clear from this interview that we can no longer go on as we have. Eileen is such a leader for us to pay attention to as her values are the ones we need to be on touch with to make real change. Thank you for this.

  • AdiShakti says:

    Very inspiring!!!

  • Jane says:

    Thank you for your honesty in describing the beauty of this time during all of the intense sadness and unknown. It all makes so much sense. Good luck to you and your teams.

  • Judith Macdonald says:

    Thank you Tami for this interview. I loved it. Your work is fantastic and I love the hope and inspiration your programs bring to the world. Much needed right now. All the best coming out of this.
    Judith Macdonald
    Melbourne, Australia.

  • Dr. Marla Del Collins says:

    Thank you for your inspiring words—just what I needed to end my day! I’ve been buying EF since the first store opened in the East Village– so I’ve seen it peak and grow beyond peak, and and what a wonderful conversation about the pros and cons of knowing when a company is a comfortable ‘just right.’ EF for me was at its best in the 90s and early 2000s (weren’t we all!), when clothing was just from EF and not distributed to other outlets and department stores (with more styles), I remember the confusion I felt. It was so nice to look forward to a limited selection of colors and fashion influenced styles one could count upon to coordinate with outfits purchased the year before or 20 years before! And oh, yes, I so hear the earth too—telling us this is our last chance to get it right. How foolish men are if they think they can outwit nature or save themselves from extinction without women at the helm. Thank you for all you do, Eileen! My life changed when I walked into the 9th Street store and tried on garments for the first time—I LOVED them I felt different-stronger, more capable, ready to take on the world. It’s been ‘onward’ for me ever since!

  • Virginia McGuire says:

    What a beautiful person! This was remarkably timely for me to hear as my office/business for counseling, arts, meditation, and well-being is just being created in the midst of this pandemic. It is incredibly supportive to hear fresh business model ideas right now. Thank you so very much Tami for sharing this interview!

  • Kathleen says:

    Resilience requires transformation and Eileen is capturing the process with her heart and her feelings.
    She is inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  • gwen says:

    As a designer, I “worked from home” in the 80’s. It was a way to bang out designs without the office distractions. Everything else could be done in the office. I would love to get back into the business . But I live in Colorado and I am 59 years old. Little opportunity here and the business is ageist. I would work for FREE (temporarily) if given the opportunity.

  • Marge Farbman says:

    My first piece of Eileen Fisher was bought in late 1980’s, a red silk jacket. I still wear it and always receive compliments. The tank top and pants finally wore out and I reused the fabric to sew into gifts. Those gifts still survive as my daughters loved them and continue to use them.


    I am Dr. AJAY KRISHAN TIWARI Attending Webinar —— From INDIA—–

  • Claude says:

    Inspiring, thank you!

  • Judith H says:

    great interview…thooughtful questions and inspiring answers from a woman whose clothes I have worn for 35 years as I traveled and worked with tech teams in designing products to delight users…will check out your offering. THANKS! Namaste

  • Joan says:

    Excellent conversation!

  • Pamela says:

    Excellent! I love Eleen’s expressions of her connection to her inner being and the outer nature. Its a complete circle of life to create a deeper quality of life.

  • Leonard McCormack says:

    Just stumbled on this a few moments ago and though I haven’t yet listened and / or watched, anything supported by Tami Simon of Sounds True will be good enough for me ! This is just my oblique way of acknowledging the splendour of T. S. who, through the good offices of BBC radio, has been my mentor in my home country Ireland . Thanks for Sounds True and ( by the way ) for your splendid voice !

  • Gay Galleher says:

    I’ve always liked Eileen Fisher clothes and wish they were more affordable. Now that would be sustainable!

  • Lori B says:

    I have had the great pleasure of meeting Eileen a few years ago. I found her a wonderful human being, caring, honest, inner and other growth oriented, humble, problem solver, and more.

  • Janet says:

    Listening to Tami and Eileen sparks joy in me. Landing on our knees! Stop, and pay attention to what our bodies are telling us.

  • Michael Lehrman says:

    Amazing interview by two generational women leading their companies embodying the “innerceo” in the real world

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