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The Inner MBA Program

Starts September 17, 2022

Lead from within and bring your deepest values to work.

What would each day be like if you could be more brave and purposeful in your professional life while aligning your work with your personal values?

The Inner MBA program makes this kind of discovery and clarity possible. It will enable you to take a purpose-filled approach to business while accelerating results. That’s right: success and meaningful work are intrinsically linked.

The Inner MBA is an immersive 9-month virtual program. It begins in September 2022 and concludes in May 2023.

At the conclusion of the training, participants receive a Certificate of Completion from the Inner MBA program, LinkedIn, and Wisdom 2.0. We invite you to seize this extraordinary opportunity to consciously evolve your career and learn from some of today’s most groundbreaking CEOs, experts, and thinkers.

The program brings together socially conscious CEOs, globally renowned wisdom teachers, neuroscientists, and emotional intelligence experts to help you cultivate the self-awareness and management skills necessary to turn business into a force for good in the world.

The curriculum will teach you to lead with emotional intelligence, gain respect, and bring your great ideas into powerful existence. It includes these valuable lessons and more:

  • Listening Deeply and Communicating Effectively: How to communicate in a way that builds trust and breaks through assumptions and bias for greater understanding.
  • Skillfully Navigating Difficult Conversations: How to approach challenges effectively by being both direct and kind—while leaving space for diverse opinions.
  • Embracing Difference: How to encourage inclusivity in the business environment, embrace and work with cognitive differences, and express and nurture empathy.

Information for Google employees

The Inner MBA program is offered by our partner, Sounds True, in partnership with LinkedIn and Wisdom 2.0. It is a nine-month immersion program to train leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, and employees on how to powerfully and mindfully grow themselves and their companies.

Visit the INNER MBA site for program details and information

(Note: Do not register on their site; please use link provided below for special pricing.)

How to Enroll & Reimbursement Instructions

Enrollment deadline is SEPTEMBER 15

  • Follow these simple steps:
    • Step 1: Click here to enroll
    • Step 2: Create an account
    • Step 3: When prompted, enter Googler discount code G3000
    • Step 4: Complete payment
  • Cost and reimbursement:
    • Google special price for full program: $3,000. As a Google FTE, you are also eligible for a reimbursement of two-thirds upon completion of the course, which means that your total out-of-pocket cost for this program is only $1,000 (cost is $5,500 for the general public).
    • Education reimbursement (FTEs only): Please review go/edureimbursement to confirm your eligibility, then discuss with your manager and create a request in Hallpass for their approval.


Please email our partner, Sounds True: innermba@soundstrue.com


For more information contact innermba@soundstrue.com
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We are taking the health of all Inner MBA enrollees very seriously. We’ve made a few additional options available in your enrollment process.

If you are uncertain about traveling to the in-person immersion events in September 2020 and April 2021, you may now enroll for the Virtual Only Program, and then upgrade later to the In-Person Immersion Events & Virtual Program if you become more comfortable with travel.

Alternately, if you’d like to enroll in the In-Person Immersion Events & Virtual Program, you can downgrade to the Virtual Only option if you need to due to travel conditions.

To support anyone experiencing financial hardship during this time, we have opened up several more scholarships than we initially planned to, to make sure no student who wants to attend is turned away for financial reasons.