In-Depth Look at Our Inner MBA Curriculum

Each month of learning and discovery will include:


Personal stories and best practices taught directly by featured CEOs and business leaders with a chance to ask them questions


Top wisdom-based practices and tools to keep you grounded, in your heart, and performing at your best while you drive goals forward


Step-by-step instruction on how to apply each skill so it increases your self-awareness and improves how you relate with others


Group work to connect you with your peers and try these skills in a safe space before bringing them to your company, business, or job


Get an overview of the Inner MBA program, your learning pod, the systems you’ll be using to access the course material and an introduction to mindfulness meditation with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.

Establish your daily mindfulness practice and get to know your community and the resources available to you during our nine months together.

  • The Skills of Self-Management

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    We spend a lot of time in business learning how to manage other people. But what about managing ourselves?

    Self-management skills can be learned by anyone who puts in the time. They help you stay composed, centered, and on purpose, while reducing conflict and misdirected energy.

    We’ll explore this topic from a mindfulness perspective, as well as the latest findings in neuroscience and how the brain reacts to stress.

    The course curriculum will cover the following, and more:

    • How to pause instead of react under pressure
    • Identifying emotional and mental triggers so they don’t “build up” and become larger conflicts
    • Becoming the witness to our experience
    • Discovering who we are at the core

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  • Listening Deeply and Communicating Authentically

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    In business and at work we all come into situations with assumptions, projections, and sometimes a fixed mindset. Most of us do not walk into a room, a meeting, or a project fully open in our hearts and minds.

    We will learn how to move out of fixed positions so we can listen to others with true receptivity. We will also learn how to connect with our embodied experience and lead with vulnerability so our communication is authentic and trustworthy.

    The course curriculum will cover the following, and more:

    • Identifying feelings to express unmet needs
    • How to listen with empathy and communicate with compassion
    • What assumptions we bring into our communications and how that impacts the way others experience us
    • Keys for connecting with our own vulnerability, and learning how expressing our vulnerability is an important part of building trust on a team

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  • Skillfully Navigating Difficult Conversations

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    In order to stay current and authentically connected with people at work, we need to develop the skill of engaging in difficult conversations. While uncomfortable, having difficult conversations in a skillful way can release pent-up energy in teams and create clarity, ease, flow, and genuine connection at work. Learning how to prepare for and deliver difficult information with skill and grace is one of the hallmarks of a conscious leader.

    The course curriculum will cover the following, and more:

    • A step-by-step process to prepare for challenging communications
    • Examining your own history with conflict and how that has led to whatever fears or concerns you might have about confronting people with challenging feedback
    • Tools for being both direct and kind in communication
    • The importance of recognition and praise in order to bring out the best in other people

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  • Embracing Differences

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    As leaders in a new way of doing business, we must learn to take other people’s perspectives, practice inclusion, and understand how to work with different workstyles, thought patterns, strengths, and limitations.

    You’ll learn from top trainers currently working to increase awareness on these important topics.

    The course curriculum will cover the following, and more:

    • Embracing and working with cognitive differences
    • Keys to developing and expressing greater empathy
    • How to encourage inclusivity in a business culture
    • Getting curious about other people’s perspectives and how they see the world

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  • Discovering Your Blindspots

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    Participants will learn the most advanced findings in ego formation so they can understand what’s driving their leadership and communication style, and improve upon both.

    The course curriculum will cover the following, and more:

    • What your blindspots are and how to avoid bringing them into meetings in ways that are hurtful to others
    • The patterned ways we defend ourselves, and how to move beyond them to more fully know and understand our deeper nature
    • Why we often have an “immunity to change,” and the hidden payoffs that exist for not changing

    “Think of your emotions as messages that give you the freedom, rather than the obligation, to respond. Fear protects. Regret teaches. Sadness releases. Joy uplifts. Empathy unites.”

    - Chip Conley, Airbnb strategic advisor for hospitality & leadership, and Modern Elder Academy founder

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  • Building an Authentic Workplace Community

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    For individuals, groups, and organizations to operate at peak performance in the face of today’s complexity and speed, leaders must learn how to create environments of true authenticity and flow. Authentic community allows creativity, inclusivity, and innovation to thrive.

    Course Curriculum will cover the following, and more:

    • The role of self-examination in building a healthy workplace community at all levels in an organization
    • The power and efficacy of using “I” statements
    • How to create a space where all individuals feel valued and safe
    • Specific practices that foster vulnerability and empathy
    • Valuing contributions from members of a group to support growth, innovation, and creativity

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  • Liberating Creativity and Accelerating an Organization’s Creative Intelligence

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    For many years creativity has been stifled in the workplace, with “the way we’ve always done it” taking precedence.

    But in recent years, businesses and movements that embrace and encourage innovation and creativity are taking the lead.

    Groundbreaking theories in business indicate the presence of an evolutionary intelligence working through groups. If we embrace this intelligence, our work itself serves a greater evolutionary impulse.

    Course Curriculum will cover the following, and more:

    • Theory U and the evolutionary impulse
    • How to cultivate deeper presence at work
    • Rewarding creativity and innovation
    • Inspiring others to think outside of the box

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PLUS Receive these Four Conscious Business
Accelerator Workshops

Deep-Dive Trainings to Expand Your Skills and Capacities
Accelerator Workshop #1

Conscious Marketing & Sales: Value and Meaning Creation

with Richard Taubinger
CEO, Conscious Marketer, and Digital Marketing Strategist
Richard will cover the fundamental principles of applying a conscious marketing approach for increased personal and organizational success and to create unique positioning in the marketplace.
Accelerator Workshop #2

Conscious Negotiation: Winning from Within

with Erica Ariel Fox, PhD
NY Times Best Selling Author, Harvard Law School Lecturer, and Creator of VoyagerWork

Erica will instruct on the art of mindfully applying conscious negotiation to enhance personal and professional success. Erica will also offer an hour of Live Q&A in the final week of the module.

Accelerator Workshop #3

Conscious Finance 101: Aligning Your Money & Values

with Jenny Kassan

Attorney & Advisor for Mission-Driven Enterprises, President of Community Ventures, Co-Founder of the Force for Good Fund, Certified Coach, and Author

Jenny will offer a 3-part Business Accelerator course focusing on Conscious Finance. She will cover how finance plays a role in an organization and how this role can make a positive impact not only on organizational success but on stakeholders and consumers.

Accelerator Workshop #4

Leadership Matters: How B Corps Reevaluate Business Success

with Bart Houlahan

Co-Founder of B Lab, and Leader of Conscious Capitalism

Bart will present on his business journey and how it resulted in the formation of B Corp. Regardless of whether they choose to become a B Corp, Bart will explain how the B Corp movement provides learners with a guide to transform their leadership and business mindset for organizational success.


Any leader seeking to deeply tap intuition and creativity; or seeking disconfirming data to a strategy they are vested in; or effectively coaching colleagues for maximum performance; and numerous other higher-level leadership actions must primarily tend to their own inner condition.

Steve Macadam, former CEO of EnPro

Wisdom Practices You Will Learn

Mindfulness Meditation with Jack Kornfield

Learn the fundamentals of mindfulness meditation, the cornerstone practice that helps reduce stress, strengthens problem-solving skills, improves communication, and leads to greater enjoyment at work and in life.

The RAIN Method for Working with Limiting Beliefs and Difficult Emotions with Tara Brach

Learn a step-by-step method for bringing presence and acceptance to any moment of struggle, and how this can free up our energy so that we can stay creative and on purpose.

Self-Compassion with Dr. Chris Germer

Learn how to be kind toward yourself even when you experience perceived failures and disappointments at work, and discover how self-compassion is a key to resilience.

Lovingkindness at Work with Sharon Salzberg

Learn how to focus on the well-being of others, even when you perceive them as difficult, and how this leads to an appreciation of our shared humanity and greater acceptance across differences.

Embodiment Practices with Richard Strozzi-Heckler

Learn how to develop a “somatic sensibility”—a way to stay connected with your embodied experience—and come back to a grounded place of center, even under pressure, more quickly and for longer periods of time.

Deepening Your Practice of Mindfulness and Becoming Aware of Unconscious Bias with Rhonda Magee

Learn from the author of The Inner Work of Racial Justice how to recognize your own biases and become less reactive when triggered.

Self-Care for Mindful Leadership with Yael Shy and Melissa Carter

Self-care often functions as burnout clean-up rather than a springboard for empowered leadership. This class will give you a 360 degree assessment of your current care needs and the tools to meet them. You will leave with an ignited self-care system grounded in powerful service. Mindful leaders embody self-care as community care.

The Fundamental Power of Self-Esteem with Caroline Myss

Learn how your ability to receive and follow your intuition is tied to self-esteem as well as your level of success and accomplishment at work, and ways you can grow in self-esteem that will impact every part of your life.

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